Bodyweight Training Program

  • Full Body Workout Program
  • Workout Training Calendar
  • Day-to-Day Training Log
  • Key To Transformation Guide
  • Superset Instructional Videos
  • 40+ Weeks of Program Choices
  • Flexible Training Video (Bonus!)
  • ShredFast Fat Burning Program Sampler (Bonus!)
  • Brendan’s Personal Food Recommendations (Bonus!)
$197.00$ 97.00

Home Bodyweight Program

  • Bodyweight Only Workout Program
  • Workout Training Calendar
  • Day-to-Day Training Log
  • Superset Instructional Videos
  • Female Approved
  • Do It At Home
  • 18 Weeks of Program Choices
  • 100+ Demonstrative Videos
  • Flexible Training Video (Bonus!)
  • Lexie’s Personal Food Recommendations (Bonus!)
$197.00$ 97.00

The Iron Body program is designed to teach you strategic weight lifting and body weight training to help you build strength, power and a lean muscular body.

  • 12 Week Beginner Weight Lifting and Bodyweight Program
  • 12 Week Intermediate Weight Lifting and Bodyweight Program
  • 12 Week Advanced Weight Lifting and Bodyweight Program
  • Comprehensive Food Recommendations
  • 150+ Daily Demonstration Workout Videos
  • 36 Week 1RM Strength Training Add On Program (Beg., Int., Adv.)
  • Upper and Lower Body Warm Up Videos
  • Specialized Training for Strength, Power, Explosiveness, Hypertrophy, and Muscular Endurance

Limited Time Offer

$197.00$ 97.00

Shred body weight fast with the Shred Fast program from CalAesthetics with our expertly designed program to help you use workouts and eating to shred body fat and build the body of your dreams.

  • Sustainable Fat Melting Eating Program — Discover how and what to eat to melt fat off and maintain a lean body all year round.
  • Superior Ab Development Program — Discover how to work your midsection to unleash your abs, obliques, and full core to achieve that coveted V-Cut!
  • Fat Incinerating Workout Program — Discover the most effective fat burning workouts that incinerate body fat in record time.
  • 8 Week “Get Ripped” Transformation Program — Exact instructions on how to transform your body and look amazing!

Limited Time Offer

$129.00$ 97.00

Do you dream of 6-pack abs? Get the AbUp! program that is designed to help you form the perfect abs.

  • 10 Weeks of Ab Workouts
  • Daily Training Guide
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Exercise Options
  • Video workouts with EVERY exercise broken down
  • Lifetime Access!

Limited Time Offer

$129.00$ 49.00