What Are BCAAs?

BCAA, or Branch Chain Amino Acids, are composed of three main essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine and make up approximately 1/3 of muscle protein. These are most important because when the body is under stress, BCAAs act directly on the muscle cells and promote faster protein synthesis (muscle growth).

They also help prevent muscle breakdown by acting as a readily available fuel source for your muscles when undergoing intense exercise. Your body is unable to produce these out of other amino acids, which means they must be ingested through food or supplements.

How to Use BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) for Optimum Gains

Why Are They So Important?

Here is a list of everything BCAAs do for your body:

  • Stimulate protein synthesis much quicker
  • Immune system support
  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • Speed up recovery
  • Decrease the loss of other amino acids
  • Helps the body absorb protein at a faster rate.
  • Prevention of lean muscle mass loss

Any significant deficiency in these amino’s will lead to muscle loss, which is the opposite of what our goal is. If you want to see the best results possible, look no further. BCAAs are the building blocks of your muscles, and adding these into your diet will help you reach your goal much faster than normal.

When Should I Take Them?

The best time to take this supplement is around your workouts, so add this to your pre and post workout shake or meal. The body uses BCAAs to help your muscles recover, so taking this before and after a workout will increase optimal performance and delay fatigue. They drive essential nutrients to the muscle tissue, allowing for an overall improved workout recovery. Also, there are no negative side affects to taking BCAAs.

In Conclusion

Supplementing with BCAA’s can result in an increase of both strength and muscularity. Since your body can not manufacture these amino acids, they must be supplied through your diet and are needed for the maintenance of muscle tissue during physical stress and intense exercise. Athletes use it because it allows them to burn fat without losing any muscle. Therefore, branch chain amino acids are crucial in your journey towards building a better physique.


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