In the video below Brendan shares one of his own unique workouts and gives tips along the way. Train like the amazing bodyweight athletes in Power Rangers!

Training like Power Ranger

In order to look like on of these superhero’s, you have to make sure you are training properly. These actors are masters of their own bodyweight and possess incredible relative strength, allowing them to perform the astonishing martial art stunts we see in the film. You can see incredible results with only bodyweight training, and we are going to show you how you can transform your physique just like a power ranger!

The Power Ranger Workout

Set 1

  • The first set Brendan did began by performing a different variation of the muscle up, focusing more tension on the biceps. Your hand position should be in a supinated grip.
  • With no rest, go straight into L-sit to straddle planche, controlling the movement as much as you can.
  • Right after that Brendan performed a tucked back lever. This engages your entire upper body, mainly working your back, core, and shoulders.

Set 2

  • The second set we will start off with handstand presses, hitting the shoulders hard.
  • Directly afterwards perform archer pull ups, working our back and biceps.
  • Last exercise for this set is an explosive variation of a push up.

Set 3

  • The last set for this workout begins with one arm push ups. These are a highly advanced level bodyweight movement that challenges your entire body.
  • After this Brendan performs ice cream makers, which is going back and forth for the top position of a pull up into a front lever.
  • Finish off with explosive dips. We focus on this exercise to target the triceps and chest.

Power Ranger Workout - Get Ripped As A Teen

Lets Wrap it Up

This workout will help you improve your planche, handstands, and overall stability and control throughout your entire body. If you cannot perform some of these exercises, pick a variation similar to the ones Brendan does that challenge you the most. Also, make sure you are doing three sets per superset and keeping the rest periods between one and three minutes. Work hard and make sure you are focusing on your technique so you can get the best results possible.

This is just one of the many workouts included in our Body Evo program. We can take you from beginner to superhero level with only your bodyweight. Everything is laid out step by step including your nutrition. Transform your physique today!

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