First I’ll start by saying, NEED is a strong word, but let’s talk about why you SHOULD use a pre-workout supplement, what the benefits actually are, and how much and when to take it.

It’s by far one of my favorite supplements that I personally use, and it makes every workout feel like a rush of intensity that I can’t get enough of. Let’s dive into why it’s so great, and how you can get started with it.

pre workout

Why You Should Use Pre-Workout

Pre-workout supplements like Charge Up can lead to big muscle gain over time if used consistently. The ingredients in pre-workout improve your performance in the gym so you get more from all your hard work. Here are the main benefits:

Increased Energy

Most pre-workout supplements contain caffeine, which gives you a boost of energy to take your workouts to the next level. With sustained energy, you can do more reps and sets, have better explosiveness with your exercises, and maintain energy throughout the workout.

Caffeine has also been shown to improve mental stamina and blunt physical pain that comes from fatigue, so you can finish your workouts strong.

Improved Focus

Choline, another common ingredient, is an essential nutrient that has been shown to increase brain function.

With greater brain function while training, you can stay focused and increase muscle contractions, both critical to maximizing the potential of each workout.

Bigger Pumps and Endurance

Taurine and carnitine, ingredients in most pre-workouts, help more blood pump into your muscles while training.

pre workout pump

If you’ve ever trained hard before, you’ve likely experience what is known as “the pump”. The pump refers to when massive amounts of blood is pushed into the muscles as a reaction to the amount they’re being used to do exercises.

Some people consider the pump to be nothing more than a fun side effect of training that makes you temporarily look bigger than you are. While it’s true the pump will leave a couple of hours after training, it does help with muscle recovery and growth by stretching the fascia, allowing greater gains.

Studies also suggest that taurine may help increase muscle endurance by up to 50%.

How much to take

How much pre-workout to take really depends on which brand you’re using, but as for CalAesthetics Charge Up, 3g is the perfect serving size to get these benefits.

When to take it

To get the most out of your pre-workout, take it 15-30 minutes before you start training to make sure it kicks in. To maximize the benefits, don’t take it before eating or taking other supplements, make it the last thing you consume before training if possible.

In Conclusion

The bottom line is, if you’re not already taking a pre-workout supplement, you really should be if you want to get the best possible results from your hard work on the bars or in the gym.

Pre-workout will improve your energy, stamina, strength, muscle growth, and mental focus. Not sure about all of this? Go pick up Charge Up, and see for yourself 🙂