Have you ever scrolled through Instagram, stumbled upon a body of a girl, and said to yourself, that right there is “My Body Goal”! If you haven’t, I am sure you have seen a friend comment #MyBodyGoal on a photo of a fellow lady with a beautiful body.

I want you to sit there and think deeply about this.

If you have done this – ask yourself if that body is really “goal” material. If it still is, do you believe you can achieve such a body?

Growing up I struggled with my body image, but this was only because I was lacking self-love. It wasn’t until the age of 17 that I began to look at my body differently. Rather than looking at the bodies of models in magazines and trying to compare them with my own body, I decided to take a closer look at my physical being. When dissecting my body in the mirror, I quickly realized my potential. I can build the body I have always wanted, I just had to put the smart work in!

When it comes to building those incredible legs, flat stomach, or whatever body you are looking for – working hard, and most importantly SMART, is everything.

lexiNow, I am sure you have heard “train right and the results will come”! But where is the meat  between those buns? Where is the information to get you started? To get you these incredible results?

That is exactly why I created my My Body Goal program. After years of training clients, I decided to develop my own philosophy that could guide my ladies to the results they have always wanted. Not only that, I wanted to develop something that everyone could do at home with no equipment needed.

Instead of worrying about getting your make up ready, driving 15 minutes, and then feeling uncomfortable at the gym, you now have the opportunity to workout in a small amount of time and anywhere you want!

Bodyweight training is one of the most effective training methods within fitness and that is definitely nothing new. Understanding the human body is the key to building results, and when most people think going to the gym is necessary to build a beautiful body, knowing otherwise – is where this understanding becomes so valuable. With the 100+ demonstrative exercises and step by step documents included in My Boy Goal, you can now achieve what most may think is “impossible”. Today your opportunity begins.

See you inside!