Want to learn how to master the perfect muscle up? You are in the right place. Muscle Ups are one of the most popular calisthenic exercises and work your entire upper body.

Today you will learn what steps you need to take to get there as well as how to get the most out of this movement.

Before we begin, you need to make sure you warm up properly. As with every workout, if you don’t warmup your muscles will not produce it’s maximum power. We will be doing dynamic movements to ensure we can be as explosive as possible. To start off, perform front raise holds against a wall or fence for 8-10s, then go into lateral raise stutters for 8-10s, after this do jumping pull ups, and lastly we’ll work on wrist mobility. Perform each exercise back to back with no rest for a total of three sets.

Hand Positioning

In order to perfect the muscle up, we need to focus on technique. Hand positioning can affect the difficulty of the exercise. If your hands are too wide, it will make it harder by putting more strain on the lats. Keep them about shoulder width apart. The closer your hands are to your body, the stronger you will be. You also want to have your hands over pronated on the bar, instead of keeping them underneath. This makes transitioning much easier.

Muscle Up Tips - Progressions To Master The Elusive Muscle Up

Body Positioning

Next, move your body forward. Don’t stand directly underneath the bar, you want to swing forward a little bit. This creates the momentum we need to get up and over the bar. When performing the muscle up, you have to be as explosive as possible during the first half of the rep. This will make the second part of the movement easier to transition into.

Muscle Up Tips - Progressions To Master The Elusive Muscle Up

Progressive Exercises

Here are a few exercises you can start doing to master the technique. First is explosive diagonal pull ups. Over pronate your hands, swing forward and explode up. You should aim for your lower chest. Another exercise is dip bar half muscle ups. With this we will be working on the top portion of the movement, the transition. Lastly, pick an explosive exercise like clap pull ups. This will build our explosive power.

Muscle Up Tips - Progressions To Master The Elusive Muscle Up

By incorporating these exercises and techniques into your training, you will start to see incredible results and nail the muscle up in no time!

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