One of the most sought after bodyweight movements and feats of strength is the elusive Planche.

In this special planche tutorial, we will show you how to do a planche correctly, as well as what muscles you need to focus on strengthening to get you there.

The muscles worked in this planche progression may surprise you!

To start off, you must realize this is a full body movement. Everything is functioning together to help stabilize you in this position. Your lower-body and core being the foundation. You have to squeeze your glutes, quads, calves, everything needs to be tight. This applies to many other exercises as well. Broad jumps, squats, and pistol squats will help you strengthen your entire lower-body.

The next variation you are almost in a full planche, but your arms are resting on the bars or a wall. You could even do a superman hold on the floor as well. This will build a lot of strength in your lower back, which is key to being able to hold a planche. Lastly, learn to hold a tuck planche for around 20-40 seconds. Make sure you engage your core, life your butt up, and keep your arms straight. From here you can start working on a straddle position.

All three of these exercises will definitely help you become a master at the planche. Even if you are a beginner, keep practicing and soon enough you’ll get there. I am on day three of my training and can already hold it for a few seconds!

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