Want to know how to eat healthy and only buy fast food? Yes you can do it, and in this video I explain everything so you can have a healthy meal no matter where you are.

Eating healthy on a budget is very possible, even with fast food. My choice of restaurants today was Wendy’s. To start off, I asked the server what foods I could have instead of a bun or fries (these have loads of bad ingredients and you really want to avoid them). He told me I could have a lettuce wrap, baked potato, or a tortilla. The entire meal cost me about 8 or 9 dollars.

Here is what I ordered. First I got a grilled chicken sandwich with no bun and replaced it with lettuce. I also got tomato and spinach, and removed the sauce. Next I got a grilled chicken go wrap with no sauce or cheese. Finally I had a baked potato in replace of the french fries. You can even get this for your kids off of the kids menu.

If you’re trying to eat healthy and on a tight budget, transitioning between jobs, or in school and you need something quick, this is perfect. You can also get a rotisserie chicken, which is what I do very often. It’s cheap and provides a lot of protein. White rice or baked/sweet potatoes are both good healthy carbs and inexpensive as well.

Take care of your body because honestly, you are what you eat. Give your body healthy nutritious foods and you will notice a huge positive change overall. You can still do this with fast food, and more people should be aware of this.

If you want a customized meal plan just for you that includes the meals I personally eat, go here – http://bit.ly/academyca