Despite what you may have been told, losing fat is not as simple as just eating less.

I honestly wish i was that simple sometimes, but the truth is that our bodies are way more complex than that.

A lot of people have been asking in the CalAesthetics FAM group why they aren’t losing fat even with a very strict diet.

I find that a lot of people are actually not eating ENOUGH to lose fat.

Let me explain.

Before we dive in though, I think it’s important to note that if you have a lot of fat to lose, it’s likely you do need to be consuming less calories each day.

This article is for those who are having trouble shedding their last bit of fat, and have already been on a strict diet with results that have hit a plateau.

Ok, onto the explanation.

Two Variables That Affect Fat Loss

Two main variables that affect fat loss are metabolism speed and fiber intake.

First, let’s talk about metabolism.


Not eating enough slows down your metabolism.

The term “metabolism” refers to the chemical reactions in the body that occur to maintain life. This includes the breaking down of food and using it for energy.if ya eat right

Think of your body like a car, and food like the fuel.

A car runs on fuel.

Too much fuel, and it spills over (too much food stores as fat).

BUT if there’s not enough fuel, the car can’t run properly (not enough food, and you’ll have no energy).

If your body has too little fuel, it starts to hold onto everything possible to make sure there’s an energy reserve, which results in fat storage.

So, you have to be eating enough food for your metabolism to remain active and burn fat efficiently.

Just eating more in general is not the key though.

You have to eat more of the RIGHT foods, which leads us to the next variable.

Fiber Intake

Eating more fiber instead of other foods promotes fat loss.

Fiber is a carbohydrate that is NOT easily digestible, so it passes through the body very quickly without raising blood sugar.

To put it simply, it makes you feel full without the risk of the body storing any of it as fat.

So by eating more fiber, you can eat more volume of food and feel full, rather than eating a little bit of food that doesn’t fill you up like ice cream or candy.

AND it helps your metabolism run fast so you lose stubborn fat.

If you’ve been REALLY dieting without much results, you could be suffering from not eating enough to keep your body running efficiently enough to lose fat.

Again, if you have more than 10 or so pounds of fat to lose, you probably need to consume less calories, but these are still good rules to understand.

More fiber + frequent meals with enough calories to keep the machine running = fat loss.


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