Having a superhero physique starts with having that V-tapered look, and that comes from having shoulders that pop!

In this post we’ll show you everything you need to know and take you from zero to superhero level.

After all, if you want superman shoulders we need to have the strength and stabilization to be able to catch an airplane from falling if needed!

Below, you’ll see a sample workout from my popular Iron Body program, which combines bodyweight training with weight lifting movements.

In order to create very strong shoulders, you should focus on both compound and stabilization movements. This will ensure that you engage every muscle in your shoulder and hit it from a variety of angles.

The first exercise you will want to find a bench, grab two dumbbells between 2.5 and 7.5 pounds, bring your elbows up until they are parallel with your posterior delt and push forward. Make sure to keep your chin tucked and maintain a neutral spine. This will require a lot of stabilization in the shoulder.

Build Superman Shoulders (Follow These Exercises!)

Next exercise is a single arm overhead press. Keep your elbow around 45 degrees and push above your head. Don’t allow your neck to lean forward. Having a neutral spine throughout the entire exercise is very important. We want to have full extension in the tricep and full flexion in the shoulder. Try to be as explosive as possible on the way up.

Build Superman Shoulders (Follow These Exercises!)

For the next exercise on the list, grab a kettlebell or dumbbell and bring it on the side of your body (like a side plank). One knee will be on the ground assisting in balance, and your other foot will be out to the side with your knee fully extended. Bring the weight down and press back up, similar to an overhead press except on your side. This will be working on rotation and stabilizing in that position.

Build Superman Shoulders (Follow These Exercises!)

Last movement will be variations of practice planche push ups, which is a bodyweight movement. Your hands will be right outside of shoulder width apart and your back should be in a hollow body position. Keep your core tight, squeeze those glutes and have your scapula protracted. Lean forward and as you’re coming down keep those elbows tucked into your side. You can also perform a tucked planche hold. Make sure you are in a hollow body position, lean forward and bring your knees to your chest. Keep your elbows locked out. Hold for time and repeat for repetitions.

Build Superman Shoulders (Follow These Exercises!)

With all of these different variations of shoulder movements, you can incorporate 2-3 into your workouts depending on the intensity of the exercise and what your goals are. If you’re training for muscular endurance, perform higher reps and keep the rest periods short. For hypertrophy you’ll want to train between 6-12 repetitions with 3-4 exercises having a lower intensity. You want it to be around 80% of your one rep max. Be sure to control each exercise and master the technique before you increase the weight or reps.


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