This has been a debate in the fitness world for years.

Can you actually build up your leg muscles using only bodyweight movements, with no weight training at all?

And a fair questions to ask in this debate is, why would anyone want to only to bodyweight? If they want to grow their legs, they can just train with weights right?

Not necessarily.

A lot of people from all around the world don’t have access to a gym for one reason or another. Some don’t want to or aren’t able to pay for a gym membership, which is understandable with how expensive it’s become over the last few years. Others simply don’t have any gyms within a reasonable distance from their homes.

That being said, people really want to know if it’s possible to grow legs without using weights, and just as importantly, HOW to do it if it’s possible.

Well, the debate has been solved, and yes you can build a lot of leg muscle using bodyweight training only.

Now, is the potential to grow using only bodyweight movements the same as if you incorporated heavy weight training? No. But you can build a significant amount of muscle and power without ever stepping into a gym.

Here’s how.

By incorporating explosive jumps, squatting movements, and lunges, your legs can be subjected to the volume necessary to fatigue and push past the breaking point where real muscle starts to grow.

Here are some Youtube videos of Brendan Meyers training you on how to grow your leg muscles and explosiveness using bodyweight training.

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