Most of the time when we think about training biceps, the first thing that comes to mind is barbell or dumbbell curls.

While there is nothing wrong with these exercises, I am here to tell you that you can build impressive biceps and get incredibly strong without having to stand around doing the standard version of these exercises in the gym all day.

Bicep Builder #1 – Headbangers

Headbangers will help increase your strength and muscular endurance. Instead of pulling yourself up and down, the movement is back and forth. Most of your upper-body will be worked as well to help stabilize you throughout the exercise.

Start at the top position of a chin-up. Extend your arms out and away from you then quickly pull yourself back towards the bar. Keep your core and lower back tight, and legs extended. Aim to keep your head at the same level as the bar.

This is a great exercise for adding overall size to those biceps, plus it simply looks awesome.

Bicep Builder #2 – Bar Curls

Don’t get this confused with barbell or dumbell curls.  Bar curls are are a great exercise and very similar to a normal curl, but you’re actually using your bodyweight in a unique way.  This is an awesome way to laser target your biceps.

Set a bar about waist height. If you are at home, you could put two chairs together and a sturdy broomstick across the top, or even use the edge of your kitchen table. (Think outside the box.)

Place your hands shoulder width apart, bend your knees slightly, and bring your forehead to the bar. Keep your elbows in one place, we are not doing a row. Think of doing a barbell curl except you are using your bodyweight as the resistance. Make sure your hips are up and engage your core.

To make this exercise even harder you can do single arm. This is one of the few bodyweight movements where you can actually isolate a muscle group. Add this to your arsenal and you will definitely start adding some size to those arms.

Everybody likes to show off their guns after they’ve put in the work.  These two exercises will get you those bicep gains a lot faster than you thought possible.

Starting Your CalAesthetics Journey

These are just a couple examples of some amazing unique exercises that are part of our CalAesthetics workout programs. You can build a stunning physique without having to go to the gym or buy weights.

That is the beauty of calisthenics. You can workout anytime, anywhere, and with very little equipment.

Stop putting it off and get started with a proven action plan today. You have incredible potential.  You are much stronger than you think you are.

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Believe in yourself, take action and make it count.  Clear your mind of “can’t” and just go for it!


Build Bigger Biceps Without Weights (or Curls) - Join the FAM!