What is CalAesthetics?

Some may confuse Calisthenics for CalAesthetics. These words should not be used interchangeably. Calisthenics is the practice of bodyweight exercise (most recognized by push ups, pull ups and dips) while CalAesthetics is the journey one goes through using calisthenics as one of the building blocks to achieve a specific physique.

The Journey of CalAesthetics

Like any other goal in life, a CalAesthetic body cannot be achieved in just one step. There will be many levels within your own path that you must overcome in order to find what you are looking for. With this, we will provide specialized, beginner, intermediate, and advanced programs to assist you along your CalAesthetic journey.

To Which Do You Belong?

Team Pure (#Purist) – Aesthetic development purely through body-weight training
Team Prevalence (#Prevalence) – Aesthetic development through combining weight lifting and body-weight training.